Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mama Called them my Magic Legs

Right now, its the early morning hours of March 29 and I have just returned from Campbell's Spring Formal in downtown Raleigh. Luckily, the weather held out for us and traffic was no problem at all, thus making the night even more enjoyable! But as all of the fun and excitement was occurring, there was one thing I couldn't shake off of my mind. Why the heck are we dancing?

Now, this is nothing new. People have been dancing in various ways and for various reasons since the beginning of time. Some people danced to please the gods and receive rain for their crops. Others danced in joy of enlightenment and a fulfilled spirit. Still, tonight, all and one danced for one common purpose: to get their freak on.

I have no rhythm whatsoever in my body. To give you a hint, I got thrown off by the Twist tonight during the formal before I caught myself and tried to fix the problem. I've tried to be a better dancer and find my 'groove', but all efforts have been perilous thus far. I'm sort of glad though that I don't have rhythm or dancing skills. Because of that, I've never had to try to impress anybody with my moves, because they know up front that I have none.

I'm ok with being talk, lanky, and unable to groove and move to the top 40 hits of right now.  Give me a good song to sit back and listen to without using my legs and I'll be just fine.

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