Tuesday, April 28, 2009

End of the Line

The writing stopped. The scanning of the tiny, marked bubbles was finished as I laid down my scantron with the wind rising around it as I firmly pressed it away from my hand.

And like that, my undergraduate education was over.

The major things in life always have a tendency to vacate us, not with a whirlwind of commotion, but more than likely a whimper. Walking out of class today, it was hard to imagine that a journey I had began in August of 2005 would end so quickly just 4 short years later. But, as time can tell, the best times of our lives also go by the quickest and in the end we remember the short good times, instead of the drawn out periods of inactivity and ignorance. 

Sure, I'll be back at Campbell in August to begin anew in graduate school, but the spectre of this time will still linger. As old faces give way to new ones, and those who I have grown to seeing day in and day out shuffle their feet out of this place, I will remain. And for that reason, I'm not sure if it would be worse to graduate and move elsewhere or to remain and see your life change in a non-changing environment. 

But let today worry about itself, and let tomorrow deal with it's own issues then. Because I'm done with school and how sweet it is!

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