Friday, April 10, 2009

On a Tuesday...

Beyond the obvious reasons why I'm looking forward to the end of the school year is a more blatant excuse for wanting the days to go by quickly. That excuse is the newest album release by the band Fastball on tuesday April 14th. The album, "Little White Lies" is the band's 5th release and their first since 2004.

My admiration for the band goes back to 1998 when I first really discovered MTV and their video for "The Way" got my interest. I later bought their album from the same year, "All the Pain Money Can Buy" only to hear that one song. But in recent years, I have listened to all of the songs on the album and now realize how great the band truly is. Now, they haven't had as big a project since 1998, but subsequent releases still delight hardcore fans like myself.

As part of the "Power Pop" musical genre, their music has edge but also has catchy melodies to keep the listener in full gear for sing-a-longs in the shower or on long car rides. I readily anticipate waking up on tuesday, going to the itunes store, downloading the entire album, and listening to the entire thing as my day of work and projects progresses. As soon as I have time to process and listen to the entire album, I hope to post my review on here for all to see. 

I'm sure this will be a good one, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling.

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