Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You for Being A Friend

Usually, I keep my posts on here to 1 per day, but something that has occurred today has made me break my own rule. That event is the death TV actress Bea Arthur at the age of 86.

My roommate has very electic tastes, especially when it comes to music and television. So, on one day last year when he was watching the Golden Girls, I just took him to indulging himself in geriatric humor with 4 old women. In short, I wrote the entire series off as an attempt to lure older viewers to television.

Was I ever wrong.

On the one day I decided to give it a chance, I was shocked with how much I liked the show. The humor, the characters, the outrageous St. Olaf stories, they all connected with me and what I found to be funny. But one thing that struck me about the show was the relationship between Dorothy Spornak (Bea Arthur) and her mother Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty).  Their wit and sharpness created an impeccable duo that TV will never be able to recreate between a daughter and a mother in the golden years of their lives.

Bea Arthur was funny, and she knew how to keep a straight face so that the audience could laugh for her.  Though she's gone now, she will still be with me from 8-10am every weekday on the Hallmark Channel.

Thanks for being a friend.

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