Friday, April 24, 2009

Sarcasm (No thanks.....really)

One of the hottest (And the funniest I believe) TV shows on nowadays is The Office. On the show, a faux documentary crew captures the lives of the employees of paper company Dunder Mifflin at a branch office in Scranton, PA. One of the main vessels used to convey comedy in this series is the ever faithful Sarcasm.

Everywhere you look on tv, you see sarcasm being used. From The Office, to the Colbert Report all the way to the morning news, its currently being engrained into the fabric of our society. For me personally, this element of humor has been engrained in myself as well, having intensified quite a bit such high school.

For many people, especially in TV Land, the use of sarcasm as humor helps deliver punch lines to ignorant bosses and lovers, to the dimwitted and ignorant, and to those who just don't have a clue, but the audience does. For me, its being able to use a current situation and turn it into humor without having to try to hard. But as tantilizing as this sounds (and oh it is!) it is just as easy to allow this method of humor to become so prevalent in the life of an individual that it is hard to see where the humor ends and the person begins.

By nature, I am a very light-hearted guy. I think life goes by too fast for people to take things seriously all of the time like many do. Because of this outlook on life, it is easy for me to find humor in my life and in the life of others. I serve not so much as a clown to my network of friends, but rather a source of amusement when it would otherwise not be so. But many times I feel like I allow the "sarcasm-me" to overshadow the real "me" and the scary thing about it is that I sometimes fail to remember who the real "me" is. 

If you tell yourself the same thing over and over again, you will grow to believe yourself whether you know it to be true or not. It's so easy for me to cast a line into the humor of sarcasm, but its so much more tougher to pull that line back into shore in order to find myself yet again. 

In the journey of self-discovery there will be plenty of times for laughter and just as many for insightful perception. The key is knowing the difference between the 2 and feeding off that. 

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