Monday, April 20, 2009

Super Size Me?

Now, I'm not one to be taken in by one-sided documentaries, but there is one that has caused me to reassess my dining options on a regular basis. Yesterday, I watched Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Super Size Me" for the first time. Dealing with the issue of healthy eating habits and regular fast food consumption, I understand that much debate has been given to what affect such fat-laden food has on obesity in America.

My stance is this, personal responsibility trumps any advertising or marketing campaign by any food producer. People can simply say no, but millions choose not to. All because people get fat off of their own ambition does not place blame on the restaurant that serves the food, but the individual that decides to overindulge themselves. Just like you can't blame tennis shoe manufacturers because some people that wear their shoes can rob a gas station and run off in a pair. 

However, one thing that I do detest about this entire process is the blatant marketing towards children. This doesn't concern me if it deals with a product and it's particular store location, but when food and drinks are placed in schools from K-12 that do nothing but sugar and fatten up their captive consumers, these standards and practices are nothing more than unethical. In a learning environment, children should be reinforced with good and positive choices for all areas of their lives, and if they leave out of health and fitness only to see a huge, lit-up Pepsi vending machine, the reinforcement for the lessons learned in the classroom get immediately lost the second the child steps in the hallway.

Thats my opinion on the matter at least. To find your own on the matter, why not watch the entire the documentary for yourself. Enjoy:

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